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Hello there! I created this blog to share the information about over-the-air HDTV reception you have been wearily searching the Web or calling technical lines for, whether you have decided for less expensive means to get your favorite TV shows, or still adjusting from the over the air broadcast DTV transition that occurred on June 12, 2009. After working for a leading antenna manufacturer for almost 5 years, during which time I've shared my expertise with those who asked on the phone and by email at work, I decided to do the same in the Blogosphere! Confused about getting your local HD channels? Just click through the archives, some of the most useful information is in the early posts from 2005-06. If you want to get in touch with me with antenna related questions, just leave a comment anywhere on this site.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


The National Organization of Broadcasters (NAB) has started airing PSAs on the DTV transition on television to make viewers aware that "on February 17, 2009, television goes all-digital". The PSAs are also promoting the fact that over-the-the digital television provides more channels, that is, the DTV multicasts. The PSAs invite viewers to get information at www.DTVAnswers.com which lists options for getting televisions ready for the transition, if needed, who would be affected by the transition, and links to news, resources, and the converter box coupon application site. Look for the spots on your TV soon.

Additionally, the NAB has now become a partner sponsor of www.antennaweb.org , the Web site that allows consumers to see what DTV channels are available over the air in their area, and what type of antenna will be required to get the channels. The site originally was solely sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), but now both organizations are sponsoring this informative site, which on its home page provides links to both the organizations' repsective DTV information sites.

One more thing - on the DTVAnswers site, if you click on the "Choosing An Antenna" tab, you will see a picture of a Winegard SharpShooter SS-3000 antenna on top of a tube DTV, so I guess I know what indoor antenna the NAB prefers, at least in terms of marketing looks. Also, they are smart to mention the local stations' likelihood of moving their broadcasts to different frequencies.